Illustrating is such a precious art – lines are perfectly curved and every color is carefully selected by the hands of artists who are passionate about capturing on a blank page moments, people, and places and telling a story with it.

Alex Christie, of Christie Creative, is one of those artists whose gracious illustrations tell stories that encourage, entertain, and inspire us to awaken the creative force we possess and go after our dreams. Alex’s illustrations describe the journey and philosophy of yoga, its benefits and the beauty behind it. There’s such honesty in her illustrations – a depth that reflects the tough times in life, how to take responsibility for our own perceptions, and how great it feels when we embrace our path.

As a Creative Soul, Alex found a way to merge her art with yoga to bring transformative messages with everything she does and offers. Through her personal yoga practice, ashtanga, Alex engages in the synchronized dance between breath and movement, and we can appreciate her genuine wisdom as the author of How To Yoga, a fun read and in-depth book about the principles of yoga, both in theory and practice. She created such engaging illustrations and narrative about yoga, that anyone is certain to feel inspired to learn about it, start a practice, or become even more creative with it.

Alex also offers custom illustrations (commissions) which are beyond endearing, as well as other creative content including logos, home decor, posters, and intention deck cards to mention a few. 

Alex is a beautiful Devi who believes that anyone can do anything if they set their minds to it and actually go for it. Yoga has reinforced her art and she encourages us to enjoy this practice to help us connect to ourselves and live a balanced life. Alex moves our hearts through her illustrations, inspiring us to unleash the creative magic we carry inside and find our answers and solutions, there, within, no matter what conditions we may find ourselves in. 

Alex is a precious Creative Soul.

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At the age of 20, Alex set on a voyage that transformed her life. She set a goal to visit 30 countries by the age of 30, and so she did. Not only has she travelled the world but she has experienced at first hand the wonders that each continent and culture has to offer. With less than $1000 in her pocket, Alex embarked on a journey of self-discovery, which led her to discover yoga. She became her true essence as she traveled the world and witnessed its colors, lines and shapes – all so different, yet connected in a way that transcends the mind, inspiring Alex Christie to become an admirable Creative Soul.

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Christie Creative captivated my #headstandseverywhere into a beautiful illustration.

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